Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun conversation

Yesterday I wasn't really sure what to do with my second year students. I thought they were going to do a project on French castles, but then I decided against it. So I thought that we should practice "peut" (can) because it is a very high frequency word. But how to do it?? I had a moment of genius and decided to talk about whether or not my students had superpowers (I just used English for superpower). Then, when they said yes, we talked about what they can do. Can you swim like a fish? Can you lift the entire school? Can you run super-fast? It ended up being really funny. In one class, they loved it and tried to come up with hilarious superpowers. In the other class, the boys decided that none of them had superpowers...but my girls came alive with it! It became a funny moment every time I asked another student if they had a superpower. When a boy said no, the boys cheered...and when a girl said yes, the boys got "mad" and the girls cheered. All in all, a great day out of a strange, last-minute idea.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taking a break

This morning, I was exhausted. My eyes were closing as I drove the 45 minutes to school... The thought of hyping myself up for TPRS was horrific. So, I thought of what I could do that would meet my objectives while giving me a break.

Today, we're taking a break from stories and doing a cultural project on the monuments of Paris. It's a nice break. I hope they'll be reinvigorated for stories next week...