Saturday, October 28, 2017

FLAM 2017 presentation: My name is Bess...And I'm a TPRS teacher

Well, I did it.  I "came out" as a TPRS teacher this morning.  For the past eight years, I have been hesitant to say "I am a TPRS teacher" for fear of being laughed out.  So I've resorted to saying things like "I don't really use a textbook" "I use comprehensible input" "We talk a lot in class about our lives."  So this morning, I put myself out there at the state conference.  And no one threw tomatoes!! 

If you were here, THANK YOU for your support and for listening.  Thank you for your thoughtful questions and dialogue.  Here is a link to my presentation if you want the links to my student samples (which are links to other parts of this blog). 

Thanks to Senora Dentlinger for allowing me to use her awesome CI Umbrella graphic.  And many thanks to all of my mentors who have given me the motivation and confidence to share with others.