Thursday, April 26, 2018

Teaching Bart veut un chat-Day two and three

Like I said in my last post, I was rushing to get through one timeline on the book so that I could prepare my kids for this day.  There were a ton of activities that I could have done with my kids (student actors, parallel characters, snapshots, etc), but I chose to read it quickly and focus on making it fun since I didn't have to worry as much about comprehension.

So, to start class, we read the first page together again, but this time, when we got to the choice, I told the students to move to a part of the room to make their choice.  For this first choice, they all ended up back together again after splitting, so we read the next page together (where Bart listens to four people).  Then, I had them go to the corner to choose a dog, cat, turtle, or piranha.  I told them to read it with their group and raise their hand when they came to a choice.  As this happened, I would split them into smaller and smaller groups.  If a small group decided to stay together and read to an ending, I told them that they could continue on until they got to the end. 

By the end of the class, all students had come to another ending and you should have heard them excited to share their storyline!  I have to tell you that Mike Coxon and Jeremy Jordan wrote a twisted, awesome story that really spoke to my students. 

The next time we had FVR, a large number of students chose to go back and read Bart a THIRD TIME!!!!!! 

This choose your own adventure is really magic.  I can't wait for another one to come out.

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