Friday, September 1, 2017

3rd Week of school

I have to admit that I didn't think I was going to survive this week.  I haven't yet gotten into a routine where I feel like I know what I'm doing...  But I haven't given up yet because I want to be a better teacher this year than I was last year (It was a hard year for me).

BUT!  It was a wonderful week full of really great things that happened.  Here's what I did:

French 1:
Monday, we started with a "warm-up" where they had to fill in blanks with a word bank (Like Il _____ Jeff.)  Then, we did special person and sang Bonjour and the Alphabet song together.  We also started our first song together, the ridiculous Foux de Fa Fa.
We continued the week doing special person, spicing it up finally by finding out what people like and what they can do.  This brought us to watching a video of David De Gea's best blocked goals and things like that to add some interest.  Free write.

French 2:
Monday we talked about our weekend, started a new song (this week is the classic Aux Champs Elysees), and continued with special person.
Tuesday and Thursday we did Special person and FVR.
Wednesday we took a break from special person and sang children's songs and did an EdPuzzle about a French girl introducing herself.
Friday, we read the first chapter of Les Aventures D'Isabelle together.  I'm planning to blog about how awesome this was later today or this weekend if I have time.  Free write

French 3:
Monday we started a new song (Laisse tomber les filles), talked about our weekend and continued our stories from last week.
Tuesday we retold the extra details from the story and did FVR.
Wednesday (short day), we read and then we just hung out in the language.
Thursday, we did an 8-panel re-tell of our story.  I wrote the sentences on the document camera, they copied the sentences and then drew a picture representing each sentence.
Friday, we read all of the stories and looked at the pictures.  Then, they did a free write.

French 4/5:
Monday we started a new song (je te pardonne), talked about weekend and then continued talking about education by discussing the easiest/hardest classes and compared a high school class load in US with a class load in France.
Tuesday we talked about the differences between our district and the urban district and which education was better and why.
Wednesday I handed out articles in such a way that each student in a group of four had a different article to read.  They were supposed to read it at home and prepare a brief summary to start a discussion the next day.
Thursday, students recorded their discussion, trying for each student to speak for at least five minutes.

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